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Sella mri

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The anterior and posterior parts of the pituitary gland are distinct on MRI. The anterior part is isointense on both T1 and T2 weighted images. The posterior pituitary has intrinsic high T1 signal and is of a hypointense signal on T2 weighted images 1. During the dynamic contrast-enhanced sequence, contrast can be seen to wash into the gland from the infundibulum and gradually spread to more peripheral parts of the gland.

Pituitary function and anatomy

Pituitary adenomas. Sagittal post-contrast fat-suppressed T1WI (a) shows an heterogenously enhancing pituitary macroadenoma which contains a non-enhancing portion with high signal on T2WI (b). secondary to cystic degeneration. Coronal post-contrast fat-suppressed T1WI (c) shows a pituitary microadenoma which shows less early contrast enhancement than the normal pituitary tissue


: Cases suffering from seizure were more in both the groups with nearly 6.2% in the study group and 13% cases in study population experienced seizures. Nine out of fifteen patients had generalized tonic–clonic variety of seizure. Three patients had complex partial seizure and subtype was not mentioned in the reports of the three cases amongst the study group cases. A strong association was found to exist between ES and seizure.

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Empty sella syndrome can be due to primary or secondary causes. Primary empty sella syndrome occurs in people who have a weakness in the membrane (diaphragma sellae) that normally covers the pituitary gland. Cerebrospinal fluid is the fluid that flows around the brain. As a result of the weakened membrane, this fluid can leak into the sella turcica and apply pressure on the gland. This can lead to either a flattening of the pituitary gland or expansion of the sella turcica, giving the appearance of an empty sella.

Imaging sellar and suprasellar pathology

A pituitary gland MRI is different than a regular MRI of the brain. It creates high resolution images that allow doctors to see the pituitary region better. It needs to be ordered specially by the doctor.A closed MRI is preferred over an open MRI because the resolution is better. Most commercial MRI scanners have a strength of 1.5 Tesla. Newer, 3.0 Tesla scanners create even better images.

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The functions of the kidneys include balancing the body's fluid content, regulating blood pressure and red blood cell production, and filtering wastes from the body. Each kidney is composed of about one million filtering units called nephrons. Each nephron contains a twisted mass of small blood vessels called glomeruli. The semi-permeable glomeruli allow water and soluble wastes from the blood to pass through the membrane. The filtered wastes are then transported out of the body in the form of urine.

MRI and CT of Sella and Brain in Turner’s Syndrom

”Aivolisäkkeen insidentaloomalla tarkoitetaan sattumalta aivojen magneettikuvauksessa sivulöydöksenä havaittua aivolisäkkeen alueen muutosta, joita löytyy 10%:lla kuvatuista terveistä henkilöistä. Todetuista muutoksista noin puolet on 2-6mm:n suuruisia Rathken taskun kystia ja kolmannes mikroadenoomia. Makroadenoomia tai muita yli 10mm:n suuruisia kasvaimia todetaan sattumalta magneettikuvissa vain 0,2%:lla kuvatuista henkilöistä.” 1)

Differentiation between Cystic Pituitary Adenomas and Rathke Cleft Cysts: A Diagnostic Model Using MRI

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cystic pituitary adenomas may mimic Rathke cleft cysts when there is no solid enhancing component found on MR imaging, and preoperative differentiation may enable a more appropriate selection of treatment strategies. We investigated the diagnostic potential of MR imaging features to differentiate cystic pituitary adenomas from Rathke cleft cysts and to develop a diagnostic model.

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When the pituitary gland shrinks or becomes flattened, it cannot be seen on an MRI scan. This makes the area of the pituitary gland look like an «empty sella.» But the sella is not actually empty. It is often filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). CSF is fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. With empty sella syndrome, CSF has leaked into the sella turcica, putting pressure on the pituitary gland. This causes the gland to shrink or flatten.

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