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Участникам голосования нужно приготовить паспорт и заполнить заявление. Там же можно зафиксировать изменение своего решения, если граждане поменяли точку зрения. Именно голос, отданный в «Моих документах», будет считаться окончательным. Кроме этого, только в центрах госуслуг «Мои документы» смогут проголосовать законные представители детей до 18 лет, представители юридических лиц и граждане, голосующие по доверенности.

Строительная компания Renovation Group была создана в 2008 году. С момента основания нашим приоритетом является качество, которым можно гордиться. Первые несколько лет компания формировалась, как самостоятельная строительная организация, с полным обеспечением. Как результат такой работы и человеческого отношения к своим клиентам, на данным момент, мы имеем хорошую техническую базу и существенную базу наработанных клиентов. В нашей команде трудятся профессионалы с богатым опытом и высокой квалификацией.  

Residential, Commercial, and New Developments

Karcher WD 5 Premium – универсальное и надежное решение для любых задач уборки: салона автомобиля, подвала, гаража, мастерской, сбора больших объемов воды, уборки наружной территории, удаления листвы или мусора с гравийных дорожек, благодаря наличию практичной функции выдувания. Версия Premium Renovation Kit – комфортный и эффективный выбор для уборки во время проведения ремонтных работ.


Paramount Commercial Renovations is a highly-specialized company with current and completed hotel projects for some of the most recognized hotel chains and ownership groups in the country. Our executives and managers take pride in their “hands-on” approach to each project. With FF&E purchasing and installation, Paramount offers full integration that results in significant efficiencies for our clients with minimal guest interruptions, and revenue loss. 

Before and After:

Like many projects, in addition to the general rehab items like painting, flooring and new bathrooms, some larger issues came up that also had to be addressed.  Piers had to be installed to level the floors in the kitchen, a moisture barrier was needed in the crawl space, the plumbing in the kitchen and baths had been intentionally plugged up and had to be snaked clear, and a new HVAC system was installed.  New appliances and lighting fixtures, and a spotless final cleaning really made this one shine.

Your Support

Upgrades included a new connecting link  to connect the two towers of Witte on all floors, including new elevators and new floor lounges in this central section. New expanded bathrooms will be created on each resident floor. A new resident floor will be added to the top of the building to compensate for resident rooms that will be displaced by the renovations. The first floor and basement levels will also see upgrades with improved classroom, kitchen, and studying spaces.


The Curbio team was responsive, trustworthy, and incredibly efficient. My client and I were both shocked at how quickly they got the job done. They estimated that the project would take 3 weeks but finished several days early, and the Project Manager kept us updated on progress daily. We were under contract in 4 days! It was a great experience and I will absolutely refer my clients to Curbio again.

Credit Cards

For people who make at least S$30,000, there are a lot of renovation loan options in Singapore. Below, we illustrate how each loan will cost in dollars over the course of its maturity. We assume that a borrower takes out a renovation loan of S$15,000 over 5 years, and that they do not qualify for preferential rates for returning customers (i.e. they do not already have home loans from a certain bank).

Developing our reception capacities to support a broader scientific programme

Renovating with ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation brings even more benefits: greater fire resilience, soundproofing, resistance to damp, and it is more durable and completely recyclable. ROCKWOOL insulation is the sustainable way to make an impact on the challenges of climate change, urbanisation, improving people’s health and quality of life, and resource scarcity. To reshape tomorrow, renovate today with ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation.

C & H Restoration and Renovation specializes in the restoration and updating of historic homes. Located in the Station North Arts and Entertainment district in Baltimore, Maryland, C & H Restoration and Renovation is owned and operated by artists Nicholas Cairns and Timothy Horjus. Nick and Tim spent years working both as artists and in the trades prior to forming C & H in 2010.