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Demographically, Canberra isn’t NSW either. People come from every state to work in Canberra. As an example, during rugby league season you hear lots about the interstate rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales. People wearing maroon or blue to show their allegiance. Bars fill up for the state of origin matches. There is both a high interest and participation rate in AFL or aussie rules football in Canberra as well. That is more popular in most states compared to rugby league.

Things to do and top attractions in Canberra 

In early 2003, wildfires caused extensive damage to Canberra and its suburbs, where some 500 homes were destroyed and several people died. The fire also severely damaged Mount Stromlo Observatory, which subsequently was only partially restored. Pop. (2006) 323,327; (2011) 355,596.

The ACT Government recently conducted a number of stakeholder workshops, which offered a collaborative opportunity to hear valuable feedback on the design and implementation of the program moving forward. The outcomes of the review and future management of the ACT Skilled Migration 190 nomination program will be informed by the consultation and stakeholder feedback, as well as research and analysis undertaken by the Directorate. Updates regarding the status of the program review will be provided in the near future.


Local bus services that are designed to get people to their town centre and other destinations in their area, such as schools or local shops. All regular routes connect with at least two Rapid routes to help customers making longer journeys. Regular routes generally run every 20 to 30 minutes in peak times, and at least every hour during the day, in the evenings and on weekends.

Office Details

The Apple Store is in the Canberra Centre, at 148 Bunda Street in Canberra City. Travelling south on Northbourne Avenue, turn left into Cooyong Street or Bunda Street to access parking. The main entrance is at the end of Ainslie Avenue. The Apple Store is on Level 1, opposite Gelatissimo. The closest parking is in the Target car park, accessed from Cooyong Street.

Sia Soliola says Josh Papalii is to the Raiders what Cameron Smith is to the Storm.

“The call was to come off the bench this week and you’ve got young players like and Joseph Tapine coming back from injury. I think their hunger … I just wasn’t up to pace this week and thought it would be a good idea to come off the bench. I thought it worked well.

Life on campus

Our Signadou campus is in Australia’s capital city, home to Parliament House, the National War Museum, the National Gallery and some of Australia’s most important cultural sites. The campus itself is within easy reach of Canberra’s cafes, walking tracks and galleries. There’s always plenty of things to do when it comes time to take a break from study.

Our next market is on 6, 7 & 8 December 2019. Come and view all of Handmade’s Australian artisans all under one roof. Three halls at EPIC will be packed with unique designs and local produce, so come and try, taste, shop and relax at Canberra’s creative market. Entry is free and parking is free. Come for an hour or come for the day.